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AFTR™ Ankle Brace AFTR™ Ankle Brace AFTR™ Ankle Brace AFTR™ Ankle Brace AFTR™ Ankle Brace AFTR™ Ankle Brace
AFTR™ Ankle Brace

AFTR™ Ankle Brace

Part Number 5380     HCPCS L1902

The AFTR Ankle Brace provides support and stabilization for the non-operative and post-operative treatment of many foot and ankle pathologies. It is an excellent choice for treatment immediately after an ankle sprain. Learn more

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HCPCS Code L1902

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The AFTR brace combines stabilization with high-level compression unique to Bio Skin materials. This brace includes medial and lateral plastic stays as well as figure-8 stirrup straps to limit movement in the ankle and hindfoot. The material contours to the anatomy during normal volume changes following injury and surgery. Bio Skin materials are noticeably comfortable with the benefits of being hypo-allergenic, breathable, and thin.

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Reviews for AFTR™ Ankle Brace

  1. Linda urban5/25/18

    This brace doesn't dig into my skin like the other one did leaving cuts. It is very comfortable, fits in any shoe, helps stabilize my ankle, and is very soft. Would highly recommend and have already.

  2. John2/20/18

    I am a PA that has worked in the Orthopedic field for 15 years and have seen, and personally used, a variety of ankle braces over the years. I am recovering from an ankle fracture and was released to full weight bearing. Looked at A LOT of braces online. I bought the AFTR to help with stability so I could get back to hiking ASAP! It has been everything the manufacturer promises. Comfortable, easy to put on, offers stability and breathes. I have worn it for as long as 14 hrs without any issues. I'm back to hiking without a worry with my AFTR!

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