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Baja 627™

Baja 627™

The Baja 627 provides unrivaled lumbar support and pain relief. The bilateral pulley system is unique in its ability to provide vectored compression to the lower spine. As the pulleys are engaged, the lumbar panel is drawn in toward the spine, targeting the compression to the source of pain. This brace includes two hot/cold gel pads for added relief. When properly customized, the Baja 627 may be billed with Medicare’s prefabricated, custom-fitted codes.
  • HCPCS Code L0642
  • Product # 3750*_CC

Recommended For
  • Low back pain
  • Lumbago
  • Mild to moderate lumbar sprains
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A Smart Design Works With Your Body

The Baja 627 back brace provides unrivaled lumbar support and pain relief, allowing your patients to return to normal activity! Many patients’ back pain is only temporary and will go away on its own after a few weeks. The Baja provides you with a non-pharmacological tool to help them manage their short-term pain. Other patients require more serious interventions to deal with their chronic pain. The Baja offers you a tool to help those patients manage their pain as you work together to find longer-term solutions. A recent study using the bilateral cinching mechanism of the Baja showed an average reduction in VAS scores of 40% and a 41% improvement in Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire scores in patients with chronic low back pain.* Each Baja includes two hot/cold gel pads which can be heated in the microwave for soothing heat, or cooled in the freezer for pain-relieving cold. The gel pads slide directly into the lumbar pad. * “Prospective Study of Lumbar Back Brace In an Interventional Pain Practice.” Rosenthal, Richard M.D. & Spencer, Shawn, BS. Practical Pain Management, (July/August 2011)
Material and Care


Our braces are ultralight compared to the competition.

Dynamic Stretch

Our braces feature four-way stretch fabrics so they move when you do.


Highly breathable materials help keep your skin cool and dry all day long.


Hypoallergenic materials mean everyone can wear BioSkin braces.

Care: Hand wash in cold water and then hang to dry. For the face masks, machine or hand wash in hot or cold water and air or tumble dry.

Application Instructions

Experience Immediate Lower Back Pain Relief