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Joint Swelling
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  1. Hinged Knee Braces
  2. Wraparound
  3. L1820
Joint Swelling, also known as "water on the knee" or knee effusion, can occur from injury, overuse, or a disease. It can cause pain and instability throughout the joint. BioSkin Knee Braces are designed to alleviate pain with medical-grade compression and restore function with supportive straps while the knee heals.
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  1. Joint Swelling

    Swelling in the knee can occur for many reasons and can cause pain, stiffness, and other discomfort. BioSkin knee braces use compression to reduce inflammation and stabilize the joint.
    Common Symptoms
    • Swelling
    • Stiffness
  2. Bioskin
    CrossFire Conforma - Wraparound

    Optimal support and control for knee instability, ligament injuries, and meniscus tears.

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