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Lumbar Support Brace w/ Oval Pad and Flexible Support

Lumbar Support Brace w/ Oval Pad and Flexible Support

Low-profile design provides support and targeted compression to the lumbar region.
Recommended For
  • Low back pain
  • Lumbago
  • Mild lumbar sprains
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An Exceptionally Comfortable Back Brace

The Lumbar Support Brace provides customizable support and compression to the lower back. The velcro attachment site inside the wrap allows you or your patient to choose between the Flexible Lumbar Support or the Lumbar Pad. The Flexible Lumbar Support is wider and stiffer, designed for extra support and compression throughout the entire lower back. The Lumbar Foam Pad is smaller and made from a softer material for targeted compression to the sorest area of the lumbar region. The flexible side stays on the Back Skin provide comfortable support (even while sitting or bending over) and help to improve posture. The slim-fitting design of the Lumbar Support Brace allows for discreet use under clothing for all-day support and comfort.
Material and Care


Our braces are ultralight compared to the competition.

Dynamic Stretch

Our braces feature four-way stretch fabrics so they move when you do.


Highly breathable materials help keep your skin cool and dry all day long.


Hypoallergenic materials mean everyone can wear BioSkin braces.

Care: Hand wash in cold water and then hang to dry. For the face masks, machine or hand wash in hot or cold water and air or tumble dry.

Application Instructions
Application Instructions

Bio Skin® supports should be applied to dry skin only. Oils, lotions and/or perspiration activate "SkinLokTM" making correctly sized supports seem small and difficult to apply. This response to moisture should not cause confusion with respect to proper sizing. Always dry the body segment thoroughly prior to application.

Take the support with both hands and stretch the top and bottom of the brace two to three times. This helps break-in the material.

  • 1. Detach the large “hook” and “loop” closure. With the "loop" in the left hand, wrap support around the middle of the low back.
  • 2. Lay left panel down first.
  • 3. Attach right panel to left panel.
  • 4. Lay the left Double Pull on right panel.
  • 5. Lay the right Double Pull on left double pull.
  • 6. To ensure proper placement, the bottom of the support should be placed at the base of the tailbone.

Flexible Lumbar Support

  • Provides Multi-Directional support
  • Convex position provides direct pressure against the spine in the lumbar area relieving minor sprains and strains
  • Concave position provides more pressure and control along the para-spinals relieving muscle strain and spasms

Lumbar Pad

  • Offers a broad variety of pad positions to fit directly over the pain
  • Specifically targets the lumbar area between L2 and L5

Thermal Insert

Heat and mold to back according to instructions printed on the package. Place in the pocket of the Back SkinTM System. The Double Pull may be removed and worn by itself, or with either the Foam Pad or the Flexible Support.

Easy Care Instructions

Wash Bio Skin® regularly to prevent body salt and oil build-up that naturally occurs after the product has been worn a few times. Attach the hook to the loop to prevent lint build-up. This will give your Bio Skin® a longer life span.

  • 30 C 86 F
  • Hand Wash
  • Hang Dry
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Dry Clean
Download Back Skin Application Instructions
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