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Premium J™ with Conforma™ Hinge - Closed Patella - Stratus Material

The Premium J with Conforma Hinge knee brace provides moderate support to anterior knee pain and patella tracking disorders. Two elastic straps cross over the knee to help seat the patella in the trochlear notch to alleviate patellofemoral pain.

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The Premium J with Conforma Hinge knee brace combines function, comfort, and affordability. Constructed from Bio Skin’s breathable materials, the Premium J gives excellent compression without causing discomfort. A buttress on the outside of the patella prevents patella subluxation and knee dislocation. The conforma hinge offers extra stability while remaining very light and comfortable. The two elastic straps that cross over the knee help seat the patella in the trochlear groove to increase surface contact area and decrease patellofemoral pain.
Features and Benefits
  • Protection against patellar subluxation
  • Adjustable lateral patella tension
  • Closed Patella for optimal compression and function
  • Constructed of Bio Skin® Stratus™ material
  • 100% neoprene free and latex free
  • Anterior Knee Pain
  • Lateral Tracking Patella
  • Patella Tracking Disorders
  • Patellar Subluxation
  • Patellofemoral Knee Pain
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