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Q Brace w/ Conforma Hinge® - Pull-on - Open Patella

Q Brace w/ Conforma Hinge® - Pull-on - Open Patella

Part Number 4136     HCPCS L1820

The Bio Skin Q Brace with Conforma Hinge is designed to reduce the pain of mild to moderate patellofemoral problems. The Q Brace’s “T” strap places gentle, lateral pressure on the patella to prevent subluxation (dislocation) and to help maintain the patella in its proper position. Learn more

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HCPCS Code L1820

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The Q Brace’s unique design allows multidirectional traction of the patella. The “T” strap prevents dislocation and may be attached in various positions to control the direction of traction on the patella. The design of the brace causes the force of traction to increase as the knee goes through a range of motion. The conforma hinge offers extra stability while remaining very light and comfortable. Like Bio Skin’s other knee products, the Q Brace is constructed from Bio Skin’s patented, thin, breathable materials, making it comfortable to wear, even in hot climates.

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