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Q Lok™ - Pull-On Q Lok™ - Pull-On Q Lok™ - Pull-On Q Lok™ - Pull-On Q Lok™ - Pull-On Q Lok™ - Pull-On
Q Lok™ - Pull-On

Q Lok™ - Pull-On

Part Number 6164     HCPCS L1820

The Bio Skin Q Lok is the only brace that has been shown to affect patellar positioning in weight bearing MRI studies. The unique design provides necessary compression while increasing surface contact area in the joint, thereby decreasing pain. Learn more

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HCPCS Code L1820

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The Q Lok is designed to diminish the effects and aid in the rehabilitation of patellofemoral pain. The superior compression and unique strapping system of the Q Lok push the patella back into the correct position in the trochlear notch. A properly positioned patella spreads the force in the knee joint over a larger surface and decreases pain and wear on the joint. This brace is constructed from Bio Skin’s breathable materials making it very comfortable while giving excellent compression without causing discomfort.

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Reviews for Q Lok™ - Pull-On

  1. Lee11/25/18

    I have had a Q-Lok pull on for about a year and a half now, first after being diagnosed with lateral patellar tracking, surgery for a torn meniscus, and now good old OA all in my left knee. This had been there to support through all. My second ortho gave me a different brace after surgery, which didn't hold up as well but served well enough while I couldn't pull this one back on from swelling. Once the swelling went down I went back to this. Between running, weight lifting, and martial arts, this thing had held up like no other.

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