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Q Lok ROM - Pull-on Q Lok ROM - Pull-on
Q Lok ROM - Pull-on

Q Lok ROM - Pull-on

Part Number 6166     HCPCS L1833

The Q Lok ROM is designed to diminish the effects and aid in the rehabilitation of patellofemoral pain. The Dynamic Patella Traction System exerts a medial pull on the patella to improve tracking in the trochlear notch and increase surface contact area in the patellofemoral joint. Learn more

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HCPCS Code L1833

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The Q Lok™ ROM aids in the rehabilitation of patellofemoral joint while preventing subluxation and further dislocation during everyday activity. The high-level compression and dynamic patella traction strap make this brace ideal for patients suffering from a high Q angle, chronic pain from patella tilt, glide and malalignment. The thin, ½ inch range-of-motion hinge gives the option of limiting flexion and extension of the knee. Comfort is a key feature of this brace with a combination of Bio Skin’s breathable material and an enhanced single-layer lycra portion that is pre-tensioned to prevent chafing, irritation and bunching behind the knee. This Cirrus™ material also enhances the grip of the traction strap to ensure patellar control.

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Application Instructions

Bio Skin® supports should be applied to dry skin only. Oils, lotions and/or perspiration activate "SkinLok™" making correctly sized supports seem small and difficult to apply. This response to moisture should not cause confusion with respect to proper sizing. Always dry the body segment thoroughly prior to application. Take the support with both hands and stretch the top and bottom of the brace two to three times. This helps break-in the material.

  • 1. Remove the patella strap and loosen any circumferential straps. Start from a sitting position when applying the QLok™ brace. Pull the entire support past the heel. Then, from a standing position, using both hands and with a firm grip, pull and center the support over the patella. After a few minutes of wear the brace will conform to the leg.
  • 2. The patella strap is positioned on the lateral side of the patella and the middle hook is attached to the loop on the lateral side of the patella.
  • 3. The ends of the patella strap are attached to the medial side, giving the desired medial pull.
Easy Care Instructions

Wash Bio Skin® regularly to prevent body salt and oil build-up that naturally occurs after the product has been worn a few times. Attach the hook to the loop to prevent lint build-up. This will give your Bio Skin® a longer life span.

  • 30 C 86 F
  • Hand Wash
  • Hang Dry
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Dry Clean
Download Qlok Brace Application Instructions

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Knee Sizing Chart

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