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Hip Flexor Strain
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  1. Compression Shorts 1
The hip flexor muscles attach the pelvis to the thighbone and allow the hip to bend and bring your knee to your chest. When overstretched or suddenly contracted without a proper warm-up, these muscles can become strained or torn. Injured hip flexor muscles make it difficult to walk and participate in activities. BioSkin Compression Shorts provide pain-relieving compression that increases blood flow to the area, speeding recovery and enhancing performance.
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  1. Hip Flexor Strain

    Sprinting and explosive movements can cause a strain in the hip flexors. Use BioSkin compression products to stabilize the muscles, relieve pain, and speed recovery.
    Common Symptoms
    • Difficulty Walking
    • Hip or Groin Pain
  2. Bioskin
    Compression Shorts

    Designed to enhance recovery and improve performance for your patients. Optional groin wrap available.

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