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  1. Accessories
BioSkin knee braces can help your patients recover from a wide variety of knee injuries and conditions. Our knee braces are thoughtfully designed for the right combination of comfort and support.
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  1. Knee

    BioSkin’s knee braces come in a wide variety of options, offering different levels of support, wraparound and pull-on versions, and specialized hinges and features to treat a multitude of conditions. All braces and accessories are hypoallergenic.
    Common Injuries
    • ACL & Ligament Tears
    • Meniscus Tears
    • Patella Instability
    • Knee Sprains
    • Knee Osteoarthritis
  2. Q Brace T-Strap

    Replacement Q Brace T Strap: The “T” strap prevents dislocation and may be secured in various positions to regulate the direction of traction on the patella.

  3. Q Lok Patella Traction Strap

    Replacement QLok Patella Traction Strap: The traction strap of the Q Lok™ is designed to track the patella medially, laterally, and place the patella back into the correct position in the trochlear notch.

  4. Donut Buttress

    The Donut Buttress is to be used with the Bio Skin Patella Stabilizer or Hinged Knee Skin for custom patellar support.

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3 Items

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