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Hallux Control Strap™ - 10-Pack

Hallux Control Strap™ - 10-Pack

Part Number 9534T     HCPCS A4466

The Hallux Control Strap supports proper healing after bunion correction by providing splinting, stretching and strengthening of the soft-tissues and tendons. Learn more

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The Hallux Control Strap is used for:
• Splinting – Maintains the hallux in a neutral position during critical softtissue healing after bunionectomy.
• Stretching – Stretches extensor tendons after primary healing to improve ROM and allow normal gait.
• Strengthening – Provides resistance for patients to strengthen FHL for strong toe-off.
The Hallux Control Strap is also compatible with AFTR, AFTR DC and AFTR with Gel.

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Hallux Conrtol Strap Sizing Chart

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