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TriLok™ Ankle Brace

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TriLok™ Ankle Brace

The TriLok Ankle Brace is an easy, effective way to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis and PTTD; while also providing unequaled protection against ankle sprains.

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The TriLok's patented FootLok strap acts like a suspension bridge, supporting weak tendons and soft tissue in the foot to relieve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis and PTTD (fallen arches). Positioned laterally, the FootLok Strap supports and protects the lateral ligaments and the peroneal tendons. Positioned medially, the FootLok Strap supports the plantar fascia or the posterior tibial tendon. No other brace offers such versatility. The TriLok is effective with almost any type of footwear or with no footwear at all. Versatility: Can be applied for medial or lateral pathologies Control: Two independent straps stabilize the midfoot and hindfoot Comfort: Low profile and allows normal ankle flexion and extension Patent Number: 9,364,363 B2
Features and Benefits
  • Compressive base sleeve improves proprioception
  • Easily fits into most shoes
  • Allows normal range of motion
  • Ankle Sprains
  • Peroneal Tendon Sprains/Tears
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD)

Left Foot Application

Left Foot - Lateral Application
Left Foot - Medial Application
Left Foot - Achilles Application

Right Foot Application

Right Foot - Lateral Application
Right Foot - Medial Application
Right Foot - Achilles Application

24Reviews For TriLok™ Ankle Brace

  1. Joseph Martin1/17/19

    Quite good, seems to be helping the plantar fasciitis immensely

  2. Ke ke12/21/18

    It was a bit confusing at first but it has been the best brace I found. Adjusting it to comfort and not cut off circulation has been challenging ;nevertheless, I love it.

  3. Buffy12/13/18

    I have neuropathy in both feet. My foot doctor gave me these to use and they really do compress my feet as they hurt all the time . I wear them either day or night . I have worn mine out so I’m ordering another pair . They are great!!!!.

  4. Scott T.11/12/18

    It has worked well. Cautions -- 1. Don't get too tight as it can lead to circulation problems particularlty if both straps are used.
    2. Don't over use it - give the the ankle, foot and leg a rest as needed.
    3. It may require a larger shoe size particularly is both straps are used at same time.

  5. Michaeljynx11/5/18

    The support is lasting well after weeks of constant use. Had trouble figuring out the sweet spot of how much pressure to use when pulling up straps at first, but now it wraps quickly with no troubles. Thank you for producing the great product.

  6. Mary11/3/18

    The TriLok ankle brace has allowed me to join the human race again! I can walk more comfortably and safely now and can exercise more and even work a couple days week. (I am a retired person). Most importantly, I no longer feel pain in my ankle!. Thank you TriLok. I HIGHLY recommend the TriLok brace to anyone suffering from ankle weakness.

  7. Melissa10/31/18

    this brace works better than any other one I have tried

  8. Spike10/27/18

    I recently accidently broke my fibula. I wanted a brace that I could wear while wearing a sneaker to slowly begin to do some weight bearing exercise on the injured leg as my doctor recommended. I found the Tri Loc ankle brace online two weeks into my recovery of broken fibula and I have been using it for the last three and it has definitely aided in my healing and slowly returning to the gym and exercise. Bravo to Bio Skin for making a great product to help return people from the sidelines.

  9. Westy9/21/18

    Thanks for a great product that does a great job. It’s easy to put on and comfortable to wear. It fits nicely into sneakers and your instruction booklet is very helpful.

  10. Wendy7/25/18

    I've found this brace the most comfortable and helpful for dealing with PTTD. It's easy to figure out how to put on, and initially I found I could only wear it for short periods of time. But, (for now and hopefully not forever) I've found I can wear most of the day in a running shoe. I use the undersleeve and footlok strap only; the extra strap makes it too bulky. I had a hard time figuring out exactly the best spot for the footlok strap and am most appreciative of the VERY HELPFUL customer service team.

  11. David7/20/18

    Using the Tri-Lok to try to stay off the table at least for a while while dealing with PTTD. Was using AFO but became uncomfortable and unhelpful. This is a great improvement. My podiatrist has no objections. Just ordered a second one as a spare.

  12. John6/23/18


  13. CV-626/1/18

    I purchased this brace to help with support as I have early Stage II PTTD. The therapy I am currently doing calls for a quality AFO (Ankle / Foot Orthosis) and this product more then fits the bill for that. My first observation was in how well made this product is. It is a quality brace that should last a long time. Replacement straps are readily available via this web site with fair pricing and free shipping. Awesome.

    This brace seems more complicated then it is. It took no time to browse the plainly written and concise manual and I was up and wearing the TriLok in no time. The support it gives the ankle is nothing short of incredible. The ankle is locked in place and rolling the ankle appears to be virtually impossible. Movement of the foot up and down is not restricted in the least so overall the ease of walking on uneven ground is greatly improved. It is comfortable and fits nicely in my New Balance 663 Heritage shoes. Wearing this brace with my Red Wing boots will not happen, but I assumed that going in with this brace. No problemo there.

    Final observation is the arch support of this brace alleviates the pain I am having on the Sinus Tarsi. Being a Stage II pain will migrate to the outside of the foot with PTTD. While it was not severe to begin with, pain level has been somewhat reduced while wearing the TriLok and that is a huge plus.

    I would 100% recommend anyone who has PTTD to purchase this product and to wear it in conjunction with a good set of shoes.

  14. Mike5/12/18


  15. Georgy5/11/18

    I've been using it since 2006. Best product ever

  16. Thompson5/7/18

    I had been using different kinds of ankle straps but this has been the best so far. This strap gives complete support to the ankle while doing any activity and also helps with giving relief to existing sprains.

  17. Vickie4/24/18

    This is the only brace that works for me. It stabilizes my ankle which is weak with foot drop from MS. I can walk normally. It is very comfortable and I still have range of motion. I love this brace!

  18. Hallison4/21/18

    I have been wearing the brace while I play basketball after I sprained my ankle. My ankle is completely healed but I want to be safe from further injuries. Definitely provides more protection and fits comfortably beneath my sneaker. However, when I am not wearing the brace I feel my ankle is a tad sore. I only wear a brace on my left ankle, so there must be some sort of reason why.

  19. Michael3/27/18

    It is amazingly comfortable (fits like a glove) and yet supports my ankle like it solid steel. It is flexible and allows a large range of motion.

  20. PK3/13/18

    Kind of confusing to put on at first but with good instructions I was able to get it on and now it’s no problem to put on. My foot feels good in the brace but it’s not an instant cure. Hopefully it will help improve my plantar fasciitis.

  21. Joanna3/4/18

    I would love to rate your trilok ankle brace. I give this product a 5 star plus. I was in a car accident in 2014 where we were rear ended and we were at a dead stop. The truck hit us at approx 60 MPH. They never hit their break. I on impact hit the break with both feet and still kept moving and hit the break peddle again and broke the brake peddle.

    I went to a foot doctor who issued me a trilok for my right ankle. I am not able to move my ankle to the right more then approx 2 inches. I can move to the left. Anyway I have been in this brace for 4 years now and only have to use permanently walking long distances and driving.

    I have purchased several ankle braces from your company and highly recommend this company and these products to anyone who injured ankle or foot for stability.

    I swear by the trilok and would never use any other brand at this time. I purchased two so they can be washed and wear and tear. They have lasted a year with two.

    Thank you again for the great customer service help too. I didn't know what size my brace was..Worn off tag. Your service reps found my account, took my order, stated 5-7 days. I received my braces in 3 days. I was amazed and happy too.

  22. Richard2/2/18

    So far i find it helpful but somewhat difficult to put on.
    The velcro is tricky to work with but good because of its grip action. I like that it is slim and not bulky in design so i can wear my shoe. Getting better at putting it on. hopefully I will improve with time. Some concern
    with how it will wear with time. Especially the white arch support. Supports the arch different than an orthotic which is an improvement.

  23. Mindy9/25/17


  24. Duane9/24/17

    I could not be more satisfied with this brace. I've tried other braces in the past. None come close to the support this one offers. Was a little tricky getting everything right, but now that I know which way works best for me. OUTSTANDING!!!! I will buy another when this one wears out.

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